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tv   Hannity  FOX News  October 4, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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much. again, thanks for watching us tonight, i am bill o'reilly. please, always remember, the spin stops right here because we are definitely looking out for you. >> sean: tonight -- >> you don't think there will be a better prepared president obama on the stage next week. >> when you are not that bright, you can't get better prepared? >> romney rocks the president. >> look, i have been in business 25 years. i have no idea what you are talking about. >> sean: in a "hannity" exclusive, the governor and his runningmate paul ryan are here with their very first post-district attorney bait interview. >> what was he doing tonight? >> sean: the left spirals into full panic mode and liberals search for answers in the wake of the debacle in denver. joe biden admits, he wants to raise your taxes by trillions. >> ooh 'bama and biden want to raise your tax by $5 trillion.
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guess what? yes, we do. >> sean: and the real obama is exposed as another disturbing tape emerges from his past. we have it tonight. plus, a special edition of media mash. we investigate race and politics. we are 33 days away from election day. "hannity" starts right here, right now. welcome to "hannity." the consensus is in. governor mitt romney was the decisive winner in last night's presidential debate. in just a moment, i will be joined for an exclusive interview by both governor romney and his runningmate, congressman paul ryan. even the most left-wing observers have conceded that their candzidate bombed without his teleprompter last night. obama aides are trying to pin it all on mitt romney. believe it or not, they are accusing the governor of lying. of course, they are the ones that are. watch this. >> again and again and again, he told the story to the american people that is completely...
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in contrast with what he said before and unfounded in fact. and that's going to catch up with him. i give him credit for strong performance. i give him an "f" for being honest with the american people. >> sean: for 90 minutes, president obama lied about his record and president obama lied about what he would do in a second term. you want proof? here it is. >> if you want to be president, you owe the american people the truth, the truth. >> the fact check. >> this claim is based on a fiscal fiction. >> the bipartisan nonprofit committee has called that a gimmick. the president is also counting on savings agreed to last year when the white house and congress agreed to raise the debt ceiling. >> governor romney's central economic plan calls for a $5 trillion tax cut. >> mostly fiction. >> tonight, president obama said his plan would cut the deficit by $4 trillion. that estimate comes from a left-leaning center on budget
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and policy priorities. >> social security is structurally sound. >> according to the cbo, social security will run into financial trouble by 2030. the amount it pays out will exceed the money coming in. >> president obama accused mitt romney of proposing a $5 trillion tax cut. but the nonpartisan web site, fact check dot-org says that is not true. another questionable statement, obama said he would raise taxes only to the rates they were when bill clinton was president. but many high-income people would pay more than they did their then. >> that's not true. >> mostly fiction. >> another questionable -- >> if you are president, you owe the american people the truth. >> sean: joining me for an exclusive interview, the first since last night's showdown, presidential candidate mitt romney and congressman paul ryan. congressman ryan, i know you have to leave in a couple of minutes. governor, you went into last
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night's debate. there were a couple of polls that said that barack obama was a 2 to 1 favorite, clearly a good night for you. what's your take? >> well, i was pleased that i had the chance to talk about my vision for america. the president was able to answer some questions that i posed that i think americans across the country have wanted to have answered. it was an evening of substance. i am happy that jim lehrer was willing to ask us our positions on issues and we could describe those. it was not a big gotcha night from the moderator, but instead, a chance for the president and i to go toe to toe on important issues people care about. i thought it was a helpful night n. final analysis, people will decide what kind of america they want. >> sean: congressman ryan, you are up next. there have been a lot of controversial statement, but to save time, in recent weeks, joe biden has said that the middle class, the last four years has been buried. today, he went out there and said he's going to raise taxes, yes, we plan to raise taxes over
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$twenty1 trillion. your reaction? >> he was half right. it's about $2 trillion. but every now and then, joe is candid. he drops the veil. he was right when he aid the middle class has been buried four years. yes, they are proposing a massive tax increase. two years ago, when they said they were going to prevent a tax increase because of a slow economy, the economy is growing slower than when they said that. they don't have a record to run on. what i am excited about, last night, the american people got to see the guy i know -- a decisive, optimistic, confident leader. a person with a plan to create jobs and grow the economy. that's what the country saw. so they know they have a very clear choice. growth, opportunity or stagnation and dependency. the president is saying four more years of the same. mitt gave them a better choice. >> sean: congressman, because i know you have to go and you are going to be introducing governor romney at an event soon, i will
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ask you one last question if i can. because you have -- you're best known as being a numbers guy. governor romney, your runningmate, last night, pointed out the state of our economy, one in six americans are in poverty, 25 million un- and under-employed, 17 million more americans on food stamps, 49 million americans. governor, i didn't know the statistic but 50% of college students are having a hard time getting that first job. $6 trillion in new obama debt in four years. you told me once, congressman, we have maybe two or three years before an economic calamity. explain what you mean? >> yeah. that's what the experts have been coming to the budget committee for years saying, if we keep staying on this path, e what is engulfing europe. we have to get off this path. mitt romney's proposed a plan to get us off this path. president obama is doubling down on this same direction.
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we can't keep spending money we don't have. we will have a debt crisis, much like that in europe. they say, we don't have that much time. we have a window of opportunity. the next president will decide how this is determined. this man has put a plan out to prevent that from happening to get the economy growing, prevent a debt crisis and save the people who depend on these programs that they have been promises for them. the country saw the choice they have to make. >> sean: one last question with the two of you. governor romney, you brought up the $716 billion taken out of medicare to help fund obamacare. when you were on "60 minutes," you pointed out you had a slight disagreement. do you want to debate that while you have the opportunity -- >> probably not. we will be debating with the other guys. one thing we both agree on, the president's plan, to use $716 billion to fund obamacare is a mistake. we are running on the same
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platform, putting that money back into medicare. >> we are against the obamacare board that will cut programs for the seniors. they will put price controls and deny care for current seniors. that was a fantastic moment last night. seniors see a very clear choice. we are going to prec this program. >> sean: doesn't it say in the bill -- correct me -- 4,000 times that the board ultimately decides or some number thereby? am i wrong, congressman? >> they have lots of commissions and boards that they cite. this is the one in charge of medicare. >> sean: all right. congressman, we will let you go. governor romney stays with us. >> we have 12,000 people here, excited to see us. >> sean: 12,000 people -- we have only 4 mill 81 people here who want to see you. so we are competing. thank you very much for your time. let's go to a montage of governor romney, in of his best moments from last night. >> i don't have a $5 trillion tax cut -- i don't have a tax cut -- of the scale that you are talking about. my view is that we ought to
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provide tax relief to people in the middle class. but i am not going to reduce the share of taxes paid by high-income people. high-income people are doing just fine in this country. they will do fine whether i am president or you are. middle-income americans have been buried. they are just being crushed. i will not reduce the share paid by high-income individuals. i know that and your runningmate keep saying that and it's a popular thing to say. but it's just not the case. i have five boys. i am used to people saying something that's not always true and keep repeating it and hoping that i will believe it. but that's not the case. my priority is putting people back to work in america. they are suffering in this country. we talk about evidence. look at the evidence of the last four years. it's absolutely extraordinary. we have 23 million people out of work, or stopped looking for work in this country. >> all right. >> when the president took
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office, 32 million people on food stamp, 47 million on food stamps today. >> i'm sorry, jim. i am going to stop the subsiddity to pbs. i like pbs, i like big bird. i actually like you too. but i won't borrow money from china to pay for it. >> you say you get a deduction for taking jobs overseas. i have been in business 25 years, i have no idea what you are talking about. but the idea of getting a deduction for sending jobs overseas is outrageous. >> look, it was a chance for each of us to describe our vision for the country. and the president talked about his vision, which was basically a continuation of the policies of the last four years. he wants another stimulus. he wants to have government investing for us. he wants to hire more government workers. he wants to raise taxes, as the vice-president biden blurted out
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today, they want to raise taxes by a trillion dollars, or more like $2 trillion by our calculation. he has laid out the same policies he has been following the last four years. i don't think that sells very well when people hear that. he also didn't have the chance to continue to misrepresent my views. i got the chance to present my own perspectives. and i think that helped me. >> sean: do you think to some extent that the obama campaign has overreached by calling you a tax cheat and attacking bain capital and even suggesting that you were responsible for the death of this man's wife, et cetera, et cetera, they spent millions and millions of dollars advancing a narrative against you, you know, the president himself saying that your plan is for dirty air and dirty water and you want kids with autism and the elderly to fend for themselves. to some extent do you think that by over reaching and when people saw you side by side that that partly played into... the
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overwhelming belief by the american people that you are not this evil monster that barack obama painted you to be? >> well, that may be part of the event last night. that's what i hoped we would have the chance to do, to actually see people and describe what i want to do to help the american people. you know, i have watched this, some of the attacks that have come my way. you just shake your head. i do recall that in the president's acceptance speech four years ago, he said that if you don't have a record to run on, you attack your opponent. you try to disqualify your opponent. and early on in this campaign, there were democrat strategists, one in particular, who said their campaign strategy was to kill romney -- hopefully, not literally. [chuckles] this kind of character assassination is something when which i think has gone way too far and i think is an unfortunate part of this campaign on the president's part. i think it diminishes the white house. the nice thing about last night from my standpoint, we each got to talk about our own vision for
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america and where we take t. i think the american people in the final analysis, will put aside the theatrics and focus on who will make my life better. i am convinced the policies i described will make life better for the american people. >> sean: with 35 days to go, it is obvious -- i was watching david axelrod on the morning program this is morning, like you, i am sure you didn't get much sleep. there is now a concertedert to deconstruct what happened last night. sort of like, make people doubt what they say. and the term that we played earlier that you lied, that you misrepresented, that you were acting... well the president doubled down on the same narrative. i wanted to give you to a chance to respond to what he said earlier today. >> so you see, the man on stage last night, he does not want to be held accountable for the real mitt romney decisions and what he has been saying for the last year. that's because he knows full
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well that we don't want what he has been selling the last year. [cheers and applause] governor romney may dance around his positions, but if you want to be president, you owe the american people the truth. >> sean: seems like he's insinuating that you were lying. your reaction? >> well... obviously, the president wasn't happy with... the response to -- to our debate last night. and the reality is that over the last couple of years, i have been followed by -- i don't know how many members of the media. it's quite a crew that we travel around with. they go to my rallies and go to the round tables i participate in. they hear the things that i am saying to folks. and it's the same message i have been saying across america, which is i want to bring our tax rates down. i want to lower deductions and exemptions and broaden the base, if you will, particularly for people at the high end. i don't want to bring a big tax reduction for people at the top
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end. i want their share to remain as it is. i want to help middle-income taxpayers. these are messages i have been talking about across america. what i find so offensive about his tax plan, is by raising taxes on small business, ooze he does, he will kill jobs. right now, what america needs, as much as anything else is more jobs. more jobs, more take-home pay. that's the whole focus of my campaign. i know what the president's been campaigning on and saying about me is very different than what i actually am and believe. i think that's where the difference came. what the president's been saying and the reality are pretty far apart. >> sean: let me ask you this, one of the things that liberals were so angry about and -- you didn't bring up, for example, a moment that i am sure the president would long like to forget when he said that people in the midwest and pennsylvania, ohio, were bitter, clinging to god, bibles, guns and religion,
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that he made in 2008. but the left seems furious that the tape where you talk about the 47%. why didn't president obama bring it up? what would you have said if he did bring it up? >> clearly in a campaign with hundreds if not thousands of speeches and question-and-answer sessions, now and then you will say something that doesn't come out right. in it case, i said something that's completely wrong. i absolutely believe, however, that my life has shown that i care about 100% and that's been demonstrated throughout my life. and this whole campaign is about the 100%. when i become president, it will be helping 1%. as i put it -- 100%. the rich in this country are doing better under president obama. the gap between the rich and the poor has gotten larger. the rich will probably do fine, even if he's re-elected. it's the middle class that is in real trouble, and the poor. i want the poor to get into the middle class. so many have fallen into poverty
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by virtue of his policies. so this for me is all about the 100%. the president can talk about the thing he would like to talk about. i am going to talk about getting america working again and help all the people of this country. >> sean: it seemed like the president had a hard time -- he kept telling you about your plan and you kept creeking him, no, there guagain, sort of moment. that's not my plan. you were saying very sprveg plans about how to increase revenues to the government and how to balance the budget, including $716 billion back into medicare. not gutting defenses. keeping tax rates low and cutting taxes for the middle class. the president doesn't seem to understand that fewer people needing government assistance, more people working, a growing economy, results in more revenues to the government. people are saying, well, the math doesn't add up. i want to give you another shot to explain it because some people maybe don't understand exactly what you are saying and how it is that a growing, thriving economy actually is
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good for the federal government because they benefit with revenue,. >> i think people can understand, if you raise taxeses, you might say that will bring more money to the government. but don't forget, if you raise taxes, people have less money of their own, particularly businesses. big businesses, small ones. companies that are taxed at the individual tax rate. if you raise taxes on them, they have less money to spend. and to hire people with. the best way to get a balanced budget at the federal government level is to have this economy grow so more people are working. if more people are working, more people are paying taxes. by the way, if there is competition, trying to hire people -- if there is lots of business activity, wages go up, take-home pay goes up. that's more tax revenue. by far the most powerful way to get us to a balanced budget is to grow the economy. that's why my tax plan, which is estimated to create 7 million jobs, will help us more than
6:19 pm
anything else to get to that balanced budget. >> sean: i know this was not about foreign policy last night. we have been following very closely on this program, the issue in benghazi, the death of our ambassador, the first time in 30 years, two navy seals. do you believe there is a coverup going on? >> well, sean, first, let me note my condolences and sympathy for the families of those who lost their lives. and my respect for those who fought so bravely for us. those two former seals that were there on a private assignment. they weren't working for the government in an official capacity at the time that this occurred. i think so much of them. i believe, obviously, that what happened there was a tragic failure. there had been warnings of a possible attack. there were requests on the part of our -- commission there, of our diplomats there, rather, to have additional security forces. they were turned down. and then, following the tragedy, we saw -- well, misleading
6:20 pm
information coming from the administration. and in fact, the president didn't acknowledge that this was a terrorist act for what? a week or two? i mean, was in a terrorist attack, lives were lost. this happened on 9/11. we expect candor and transparency from the president, from the administration. we didn't get it. >> sean: all right, governor. good to see you. good night last night for you, obviously. even liberals -- chris matthews agreed. pretty amazing. thank you. appreciate it. >> sean: coming up, stunned and left in total disbelief, the president's media army is spinning every ridiculous story to explain president obama's implosion. but i think al gore has found the single, stupidest excuse i have ever found. and then the liberal media tried to have a field day with our reporting of the never-before-seen minutes of the racially-charged 2007 speech. we have more disturbing tapes and we will play it -- the stuff that the networks will not play. another look at the real obama,
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>> sean: the president's allies were left stunned stunned and desperately searching for answers and excuses for the president's clear loss in the debate last night. look at chris matthews, moments after president obama left the stage. >> there is a hot debate going on in this country, you know where it's being held? here on this network. we have our knives out. we go after the people and the facts. what was he doing tonight? he went in there disarmed. hes like, an hour and-a-half, i think i can get through this thing. i don't like at this guy. romney, i love the split screen, staring at obama, addressing him, like he was prey. he did just right. have you to beat the champ. i am going to beat him tonight.
6:26 pm
i don't care what this guy, moderator, what he thinks he is, i am going to ignore him. what was romney doing?! he was winning! >> sean: he looked like he was going to cry. they blamed everything from the moderator to the obama lack of a teleprompter and my favorite came from al gore, it was the altitude. >> i am going to say something controversial here. obama arrived in denver at 2:00 p.m. today. just a few hours before the debate started. romney did his debate prep in denver. when guto 5,000 feet -- >> exactly -- >> and you are only have a few hours to adjust -- >> that's interesting -- >> i don't know. >> sean: joining me, the author of the new york times number-1 best seller, culture of corruption, michelle malkin. the altitude? [laughter] >> sean: definitely, the altitude. that's it. >> yeah. by the way, i am at a thousand
6:27 pm
feet higher than denver, you know, we can still function quite lewd loseidly, despite the altitude. i think you cut off the funniest part of that exchange, afterwards, where all of al gore's minions just did their yes, boss. >> sean: good point. yeah. >> i have to say, it's been christmas today for conservatives. i have just been in giggle-snort mode all day long, watching the meltdowns. we have had more meltdowns than you usually have at a chucky-cheese birthday party. there are no more excuse. the man failed, as he has failed the last four years. and there is no manufacturing any credible conspiracy for it. and the conspiracies are just so wild -- i mean, the idea that he
6:28 pm
was distracted by a loud boom. this is the actually a theory floated by michael moore,. all people. and the hallowed journalists, like bob woodward, theorizing that obama has been weighed down by serious, grave, national security matters, when those matters haven't stopped him from partying it up with beionsy and jay-z? >> i shot john sununu eye think the president's lazy and disengaged. i think all of that is true. i don't want to dampen enthusiasm here. but knowing this campaign and having observed them, if they are going to accuse governor romney of murder and they are going to accuse him of being a tax cheat and say he wants dirty air and water and wants to throw granny over the cliff, i want everybody to realize that it's coming. they are going to drop whatever they have to drop as a means of trying to hang on to the
6:29 pm
helicopter, the house and the plane. and so, you know, it was interesting. chris matthews says our knives are out. governor romney referred, they want to kill romney. this is not a joke. they want to bury him. so i would prepare everybody, or warn everybody, that they better be prepared here. the best advice came from chris matthews. ought to be watching us. calling conservatives nazis or rip dick cheney's heart out, stomp on it, or call laura ingraham a slut. which part of their narrative do they want to adopt from nbc news. >> sean. >> yeah, yeah. you are absolutely right. of course, your warning is very apt. we have been dealing with these people and we have seen thead hom nen attacks and the -- the ad hominem attack and last night, i was finally convinced
6:30 pm
after being very concerned for a long time that both romney and ryan are very ready for it. they have shown a willingness to fight back and push back. i think for a lot of grassroots conservative base special media, we have wanted to see this. we wanted to see what we didn't see in 2008, with john mccain, where we were cringing and holding our breath because we saw too much capitulation and the benefit of the doubt given to people who have been marinaded in chicago-thug politics. >> sean: there are two things, though, michelle. go back touent 08. john mccain wouldn't look obama in the eye. mitt romney was looking him -- your policies. i think he left a lot on the table, personally. i think there is plenty hoof could could -- he could have brought up. maybe it won't be so easy in a town hall environment, the president will probably overreact. he was angry today, he called romney a liar, petulant.
6:31 pm
he is arrogant. he has never taken a punch. he is used to hail to the chief and i'm great, etsetra. i think, it wasn't just style, it was substance. it was a deep, deep knowledge that he showed on the economy, on the deb, on the deficit, on health care. every issue that came up. and obama stammering, stambling, without that teleprompter, this guy is lost. this is a myth that was shattered last night. he was reduced in 90 minutes, before the american people, i felt. >> yeah. that's because romney had a clarity of purpose, a clarity of mind, a clarity of principles that we know that obama has lacked for a long, long time. i think that going forward now, there is now an extra burden on these liberal journalists to do-- not going to happen. >> a lot of the left thought that jame lehrer failed at. i think that's what romney and
6:32 pm
ryan vato brace for. there will be a town hall format. from my recollection of covering the last several election cycles, where they have the town hall formats, they have been stacked. they have been stacked by liberal journalists and we have this liberal debate commission. i think going forward, that has to change. but the liberal journalists are going to want to prove their own cred. >> sean: they are dying to say, come back. it doesn't matter what happens. i can name the names and what they will say, in regards to this, the media's very biased. michelle, thank you for being with us. appreciate your insight. speaking of the media, you don't want to mete miss this. brent bozel. we'll reveal when it comes to playing the race card, it's obama's friends in the press, doing the dirty work. two nights ago, we brought you the footage of barack obama, racially charged speech. tonight, two brand-new tapes, two more reminders that barack
6:33 pm
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>> sean: earlier this week, we brought you the 2007 video of then senator obama making racial comments. and now this tape has revealed division, class warfare from 2002, not seen since president obama's trademark. take a look. [inaudible]
6:38 pm
>> sean: we have more tape. but reaction to the newly rediscovered tapes. michael myers, radio talk show host, dennis pragger. what is it with the changing tables? al gore did it, hillary did it. he is before a predominantly african-american audience. is it called pandering? >> i won't hold his voice against him, even muhammad ali doesn't speak in rhyme all the time. people do that-- no pandering -- >> of course, he's pandering. but the point of it is that he is engaged in racial rhetoric. that's what he is engaged in. if they resort to the refuge of the demagogue. they don't care about the facts. they pander to the audience, tell the audience what they think they want to hear and they
6:39 pm
look through the prism of racial paranoia. >> sean: we showed 2007, the tape -- which by the way, the media say, this is old news, these tapes were out there. but this tape was never shown. this was never picked up. this wasn't in the quote, official transcript because these were ad lib remarks. i will show it again tonight. how are we to interpret these two obamas? >> i really believe that this can be explained in a nutshell. to understand barack obama, one has to understand, he is a man of the left. leftism, as i wrote in my column is the most dynamic religion in the world, more than christianity, more dynamic than islam. his trinity. christians have the father, the son and the holy ghost. the left has race, gender class. that's how your kids will learn life in college. that's the prism through which he sees the world. he is honest to leftism.
6:40 pm
while there is demagoguery here, no question -- he is true to his faith. >> wlook, i'm a liberal democrat. the point is here -- not that he is left or right. the point here is that we know what he is in these tapes now. he revealed himself-- was it the real obam in 2008 or this other -- >> oh, i wrote that piece in the "los angeles times," exposing his philly speech as being the race man. he focuses everything about race. [overlapping dialogue] >> that was also class. that's my point. >> sean: he is saying that katrina victims were not taken care of by the government because the government is against black people. >> right. >> sean: that's what he is saying. let's go back and roll parliament of this tape and notice the change -- the way you hear him when he gives a speech. >> when 9/11 happened in new york city...
6:41 pm
they waived the stafford act. said, this is too serious a problem. we can't expect new york city to rebuild on its own the. forget that dollar you gotta put in. here's $10. that was the right thing to do. when hurricane andrew struck in florida, people said, look at this devastation. we don't expect to you come up with your money. here! here's the money to rebuild. we are not gonna wait for to you scratch it together because you are part of the american family. what's happening down in new orleans? where's your dollar? where's your stafford act mony? makes no sense. tells me that somehow the people down in new orleans, they don't care about as much. >> sean: where's your dollar? where's your stafford act moany? tells me some of the people down in new orleans, they don't care about. >> you know who he sounds like?
6:42 pm
reverend reverend jeremiah wright-- who was in the audience. >> that's his mentor. now we know how he sat in that church for 20 years, the church of goddamn america, reverend reverend jeremiah wright. >> sean: here's what i want to know. he is saying that the american government and this country is racist. >> right. >> sean: he is making that accusation. i play a tape -- part of it, nobody's seen before. people attack me. by the way, when i i am used to. what about the media? why wouldn't they see the news in this? >> they see the news in it, but they don't want the country to see the news in it. of course, they see the news in it. >> sean: they have told out the -- sold out the american people? >> and he has paid the price for t. one of the biggest reasons he lost last night, he is so used to the media thinking -- taking cover for him, that he was not used to being attacked. he was not used to being answered. he has been defended for four years by this mede.
6:43 pm
>> reporter: ya. >> sean: i love the al gore excuse, it was the altitude. >> hua great line. >> climate change. >> sean: he didn't have a problem at the field in 2008. the media has protected him has done him disservice. >> that's the point. he doesn't know how it answer-- he was stunned. he never had to answer a tough question. >> he didn't just lose last night. he was, mr. president, you got bheet bad! so, you have to understand, the media has the same lens that obama has. they still believe in the racial polarization. they don't get it yet. race ain't what it used to be, america? right? >> sean: the next 35 days, i promise you, it is going to be -- >> hell. >> sean: hell. the ugliest campaign you have ever seen. now they are desperate. >> incidentally, barack obama senator voted against the stafford act,. >> sean: good point.
6:44 pm
>> that's correct. >> he was part of the bile it was part of the iraq bill and he voted against it. >> i like it. i like the entitlement line that you are entitled to your plane, you are entitled to your house, you are not entitled to your own facts. talk about entitlements. [chuckles] >> sean: the obama campaign is accusing team romney of pulling the race card. but we show you how culpable the mainstream media is, how pathetic they are when it comes to jaking race into our discourse. brent bozel, media mash, a special investigation on the issue of race, straight ahead. tomorrow night two, other tapes you have never seen or heard before. we'll expose them on "hannity."
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>> sean: welcome back to "hannity." time for media mash. the president's henchmen in the mainstream media are going along with the liberal talking poign, accusing conservative, republicans, of playing the race card. but we have uncovered with the help of the american research center, that it is the so-called center jaking race into the campaign. let's start. let's play this tape. 2007. yeah, the speech was reported on. but they didn't report what happened in this speech. they didn't -- major portions of it -- where the president is accusing the united states government of -- before a predominantly african-american audience of not taking care of katrina victims because of race. let's show how the media react, their fail tower cover the story -- especially cnn -- we had this tape. why didn't they show it to the american people, this portion in here's the media reaction. >> 24 hours before the start
6:50 pm
time of tonight's debate late tuesday, conservatives began circulating a 2007 speech by then candidate obam aspeaking to an african-american audience about victims of hurricane katrina. fox news host sean hannity. >> the most racially charged rhetoric ever by barack obama. >> this speech was covered in 2007. it was aired last night on the conservative media, fox news sean hannity, the web site, the daily caller. that prompted some to speculate that perhaps the right is concerned about the campaignful they are wanting to throw a punch. others are saying they are hoping to get under the president's skin, going into tonight's debate. >> bombshell. but reality, this tape is not new. it was an open press event, recorded in its entirety in 2007. many media outlets, including
6:51 pm
cnn, extensively covered t. even tucker carlson himself covered it in 2007, when he worked for ms-nbc. >> sean: but the point is, they didn't cover, nor was it reported, the incendiary tone, the change of cadence or any of the things that actually matter. >> here are three takeaways from what you just showed. number 1, you notice that in virtually every instance, they put up the warning label, a conservative, a conservative, the conservative daily caller, the conservative sean hannity, the conservative fox news-- how about the liberal cnn -- >> look -- when was the last time you did -- when mother jones came out with the 40-second -- 47% quote on romney? did they call them the liberal mother jones? that's number 1. takeaway number 2, another theme is, we have to move on. this is old news. time to move o. here we go again with bill clinton of 1997, with the media saying, move on, move
6:52 pm
on, move on. this is old news. let's get on. but then hugeorge bush roam 43 with the national guard in 1971 and they all wanted to cover it. now they are back to move o. all of this is old news. third takeaway on this. what cnn reported is flatout untrue. when they say, we all covered it extensively. look, check your nexus. not one media outlet has ever covered what you showed on your show. not one has ever done it. so when they say it's old news, let's move o. that's an old canard. that's really dishonest because they never have. >> sean: if this is the case, shamusthe dog is old news and mitt romney being a bull nehigh school is old news. i guess, bain capital is old news. i guess his years as governor is old news. that's their standard by the liberal media. the suck-up-to-obama and kiss it. >> you hit the nail right on the
6:53 pm
head. age is not an issue with republicans. you can go back to the beginning of time. but if it happened yesterday with the democrats, it's old news. >> sean: but the president did eat dog. that's right. i shouldn't have said it. when we come back, we are going to play, nbc news playing the race card. you don't want to miss this. straight ahead look, if you have copd like me, you know it can be hard to breathe, and how that feels.
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>> sean: welcome back to "hannity." we continue with brent bozel. let's go to nbc news. they are willing to play the race card a lot in this campaign. they ought to be embarrassed. watch this. >> it was just very frustrating to watch a guy lie to the american people and not be counter punched because we were afraid he was going to be called an angry black man. when i see the president, i don't see a black man. i see a president who has inheretted an untenable position and turned it around to a great positive. >> this stuff about the work requirement for welfare -- it is
6:58 pm
dishonest, everybody has pointed this out. you are playing that ethnic card there. you can play your games and giggle, but your side is playing that card. work requirement, you know what game you are playing. it's a race card. >> the calculus that the romney campaign appears to be making, if they can maximize the white vote, by any means necessary, maybe they can win with nobody else supporting them. >> without getting into the argument of whether he is taking the president out of context, over the build it business, he is using the term foreign. this is happening every day. this is a dog whistle. >> the grand wizard crowd. i resent that. >> what is that grand wizard nonsense? [overlapping dialogue] >> give me a break. don't go there with me. >> oh, okay, great, good. none of those problems over there. >> sean: pretty disgraceful. nbc news, what do you think? >> it's a simple proposition, if
6:59 pm
they have the evidence they are doing the lord's work. if they don't have the evidence, then it is the worst form of character assassination imaginable. you put all of those quotes together, ask yourself, who -- who is responsible within the g.o.p. of doing any of this? they never cite a single person. what? what was said that backs this up? how? how is it they say it? do you realize they don't have a single example? they simply don't -- mucking the mud all over the republican party. >> sean: imagine, a conservative said these things. real quick. we're running out of time. >> you damn right dick cheney heart's a political football. we ought to rip it out, rip it up and stuff it back in him. i am glad he didn't tip over. he is the new poster child for health care in this country. he is an enemy of the country, dick cheney, he is. lord, take him to the promised land. will


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